A Brief History

Class Harbor Association, Inc was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on January 21, 1982 in the State of Oregon. Dan Class and Michael McGettigan were the principle developers. The Articles of Incorporation provided that the purposes for which the Association was organized are:

1. To own a residential moorage and to operate and maintain the moorage for the benefit of its members.

2. To make slips in the moorage available to its members.

3. To provide land for parking and to sublease submerged land for the benefit of its members, and

4. To engage without profit to its members in such other activities as may promote the health, safety, welfare, and common good of its members.

The Association was authorized to sell 24 membership certificates and each owner of a certificate was entitled to one vote in the management of the affairs of the moorage, occupancy of a slip, and parking privileges. A certificate could be sold or transferred by the owner of the certificate providing certain conditions were met.

Dan Class originally retained ownership of the land and leased it to the Association. The facility is now owned by the Class Harbor Association, Inc. which is licensed by the State Marine Board to occupy the waters adjacent to Association owned lands and facilities for the purposes of maintaining a Floating Home Community.

Over the years various improvements have been made such as the addition of garages and issuance of Garage Certificates which provided for covered parking privileges . The Articles of Incorporation remained unchanged and the By-laws over time have been re-written to reflect these changes.

The Articles of Incorporation provide that In the event of dissolution of the Corporation, all improvements are to be sold and used to satisfy all liabilities and obligations of the Association. Any remainder is to be distributed to the 24 members in equal shares.

Individual residents occupy a designated slip under a license granted by the Home Owner's Association subject to the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations established by the Board. They are also entitled to access and use of common areas and facilities consisting of parking area, garages and walkways. Trash, sewer and water are costs that are undivided and paid for in the monthly homeowner's dues which also cover expenses for replacement and repair of common facilities. The monthly assessments are currently $350. Special assessments can be levied to cover unplanned or excessive expenses that cannot be covered from normal collections.

3939 N Marine Drive, Portland, OR 97217

Access to the facility from Marine Drive is through a password controlled gate. The fenced-in area is designed to accommodate resident parking, limited visitor parking and boat trailer parking. Additional day-time visitor parking is available outside the gate in a paved area. Contained in the fenced area are garages, assigned member parking spaces and access via walkway to the docks for the floating residences.